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sobre as tarefas de casa

"Os trabalhos de casa com certeza não são meus favoritos. Eu não curto dias em que eu me dedico muito a cuidar da casa. Mas no momento a gente não tem dinheiro pra pagar alguém pra cuidar da casa e são coisas que têm que ser feitas. Ser dona de casa não é a minha paixão, mas eu entendo que é o tempo da nossa vida. Então eu to tentando aprender o máximo possível. Tá sendo bem difícil, porque eu nunca imaginei que era isso que eu iria estar fazendo com meu tempo, mas eu to sempre lembrando de orar pelas pessoas e estar investindo em coisas eternas. Eu consigo ver que o trabalho em casa é investimento em coisas eternas também, porque você tá investindo na sua família, investindo em pessoas. Acho que é importante buscar equilíbrio nessas coisas. Mas eu quero me envolver em mais projetos que fazem um impacto maior no mundo. Porque às vezes quando eu to limpando eu fico tipo 'o que eu to fazendo aqui?'. Mas eu to aprendendo que tudo tem seu tempo e com certeza Deus tá tratando muitas coisas em mim e eu tenho muito pra aprender. Por que não aprender enquanto eu to colocando terra nova nas plantas?" :)
- Pri

"O meu desabafo é que eu curto muito acompanhar os cristãos perseguidos, essas coisas de mártires, obra, e tal... E durante um tempo eu vivia em cada culto da igreja, eu queria estar ajudando lá, mas deixei minha família bem de lado. Eu queria sair pelo mundo, eu não queria o normal. 
Beleza. Um dia eu fui ler Atos 6, em que vão escolher homens para servir mesas e querem homens cheios do Espírito Santo e Estêvão é escolhido. E eu ficava 'mas por que ser cheio do Espírito Santo pra servir mesas?' E Deus começou a me ministrar, que o importante não era o trabalho em si que eu estava fazendo, mas se era com Amor, a intenção do meu coração ao fazer. Podemos mover montanhas e isso não agradar a Deus e podemos dar duas moedinhas na oferta e isso ser incrível aos olhos do Senhor. Ele escolhe as coisas loucas.. É a lógica dEle. 
Tenho aprendido a servir mais minha família também. Tamo junto no processo"

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Permanent resident

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"do you ever experience a moment of beauty and connection—like a call from a friend or the way soup your brother made you smells or the way you glimpsed the face of god when you heard a good song 20 times in a row one dark early morning or the way you see traces of dead loved ones in yourself the older you get—and think, “hey. maybe I can survive on moments like this forever. maybe i don’t need to express myself publically just because that’s the norm; maybe private moments of beauty are still enough, more enough than sharing everything or being understood or the idea of being accepted... maybe the loneliness of being has always been meant to be felt in conjunction with experiencing beauty... maybe nothing in between birth and death is real except revelatory experiences like this.” and then you have a sense of clarity, just for a bit, before it fades as normal habits take over... well, I think anything that you think or instinctively know during moments like that is the closest thing to clarity / understanding we all get to have. keep these moments close and don’t forget."


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Home is a space full of emotions. We are surrounded by colors, lights, shapes. It could be a chair which has been here forever, or a new glass we just got, or simple fruits laying in the kitchen. The hidden beauty of everyday life appears when the eye is watching.

- Zara Home 

"You're an interesting species; an interesting mix. Capable of such exquisite dreams; such horrifying nightmares."

- Contact (1997)

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"Gosto de escrever, mas não é rotina! É um sentimento, um pensamento instantâneo! Surge uma vontade de escrever sobre o momento escolhendo palavras e maneiras de colocá-las no papel. Ficar feliz com o registro! Reler, relembrar e ficar feliz mais uma vez!"

 - Helena

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There are places I'll remember all my life...

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People who writes for themselves

A collection of thoughts about writing for no one. From Reddit

If you knew for sure that no one was ever going to read your work, would you still write?

"It would be sad, but I'd still do it. For the same reason a kid builds things out of Lego even though no one else is going to play with him." source

"A lot of artists have created art just because it was in them and they wanted to get it out. Lots of artists like Van Gogh couldn't sell their paintings (especially the ones who were breaking from tradition), and lots of musicians remain in their living and bedrooms and never get heard by the outside world. Sometimes it is just about honing a craft, getting better at it, capturing a moment, etc. In the past, getting published was nearly impossible, but writers kept writing anyway. Today, at least we can self-publish, and put it out in the world. It may get totally ignored, but it is alive and pulsing out there somewhere." source.

"I write because of an internal drive to create. It's part of my identity. I'm creative, I, therefore, need to create. I create because I have to. It is simply who I am. I have made music that no one has heard and I have written things that no one will read." source.

"I've been writing without having any readers since I was 10. I haven't really tried to get readers, because I'm shy about sharing my writing. Even if everyone thought I was the worst writer in the world, I'd still be obsessed with writing." source.

"I write because I think about my stories all the time, and I think it would be a great regret in my life if I didn't try and actually get them down. I don't care if anyone sees them. Just don't want to be lying on my deathbed thinking about what I could have done." source

"I don’t write for the purpose of others to read, I write because I have stories and songs and poems in my head." source

agreed :)

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"Beautiful things don’t ask for attention."

-  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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Finding beauty

[Phone photos prooves that] you don't need the latest gadget to take a picture that can conjure an idea of what something would look like if it were taken with a better camera! - Tavi

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Real people homes

"I recently visited a 101-year old friend of mine. Her home is as welcoming and loving as it has been all my life, yet it would never make it into a magazine. One thing I did notice, I got some of my decorating habits from her, not my mother. How interesting that was to me. I see pictures of clean uncluttered homes in magazines, yet I would not want to live in most of them. They have no books, no musical instruments, no reflections of anyone living there. My friend's home is full of family pictures, mementos of her long and interesting life, books, original art by her friends, and most of all, love."

- Bette, Flylady in LA

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"I believe that secular entertainment is one of the biggest tools Satan uses, to mislead people. He desensitizes us through it. Murder, violence, sexual immorality. You name it. Sin has slowly, but surely become acceptable to us, because we see it all the time, so it's no longer shocking to us.

But why were these things ever allowed?

Well, frankly I think that Satan is smarter than we give him credit for. and he's very deceptive. When the movie industry started back in the 30s, it was moralistic for the most part. There was a censor board that regulated what could and could not be shown on the screen. And movie makers were very careful about what they were portraying. And that's when the people didn't realize that the devil won his greatest victory.

His greatest victory? How so?

Because he got the name and the person of Jesus Christ out of the movies. I mean, the morals were there for a while, but the Lord Himself was not. And as people became more liberated with their views, there seemed to be less and less conviction. Because there was no absolute authority. And that is why people can curse the name of the Lord and they don't even think about it.

But how can these movie makers so mock the Lord? Do they not understand that He is the One Who created them and gives them their every breath?

Mr. Carlisle, it says in the Bible that: “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” If people don't hold reverence for the Lord. What can we expect?"

- Time Changer (2002)

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Recently I got into a Whatsapp group, and Gardênia told me about the rules. One of them caught my attention: Don't send links. Links are impersonal and robotic, according to her. As long as we have voice, breath, and vigor, we can spread the message of the kingdom, using our own words!

Later in the afternoon, I watched a video by Tânia Tereza where she says that's nice to distribute free bibles, but the faith comes from hearing the message [Rm 10:17], not reading. How can they hear about him unless someone preaches them? How can they believe in him unless they hear about him? So we talk, even if we're simply paraphrasing [Rm 10:14].

Reading is good, we must read the bible. However, we can't hide behind links, texts, messages, or even the bible. God gave us authority, power, and abilities to speak and teach people to obey everything Jesus commanded us [Mt 28:20].