quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2017

Well, hello there, young employee of the Sidewinder

Eu tive um momento terrível no meu trabalho (e ainda tenho vez ou outra) porque eu não conseguia me relacionar com as pessoas com quem passo o dia todo (e ainda não consigo), e procurei exaustivamente por algum texto na Rookie que me desse algum conselho, um sinal, um caminho sobre como proceder, mas nunca encontrei e pensei se não seria necessário começar a trabalhar como a Enid.

Mas finalmente apareceu esse texto na Rookie hoje e aqui vão minhas citações:

"Contrary to what we would all like to believe, our bosses are not mind readers."

"You shouldn't feel like you need to give a reason, either, as long as you're telling your boss what you want. "

"Pressure from management, plus the responsibility of handling money—your own and the customer's—can make your job feel like the most important part of your life. Because of this, you may have a hard time saying no when a coworker asks you to take their shift, or your boss tells you to come in on your day off."

Acho que essa parte se refere a todas as vezes que eu não consegui dizer não pra tudo na vida: "It's OK to not take a shift because you have plans, and it's even more OK to not take a shift because you just don't want to."

"your job is not something that should make you feel anxious, fearful, or unhappy. If you wake up dreading going into work or are counting down the seconds until your shift ends, you may want to consider quitting. "

"Not everyone has the ability and privilege to quit their job because they're unhappy. Some people have bills that they have to pay and are financially dependent on their job. In these scenarios, it's important to put an emphasis on making time for yourself outside of work, while if possible, looking for another source of income. "

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