21 setembro 2016

O infinito me faz pensar em todas as possibilidades do universo

Infinity makes me think about ALL the possibilities in the universe. What if it is possible to time travel? What if there is another Earth-like planet out there, somewhere? (...) Imagine that it's possible to correspond with the future.

I've found myself on an Afrofuturism kick this past year. While we can't control the future, we have the ability to shape it. If you received a message from someone in a distant decade or century, what do you imagine they'd write to you about? Perhaps they're writing to tell you about the happy state of the world at large. Or perhaps they're writing to inform you of some accomplishment of yours—big or small. The person sending this message can be a figment of your imagination, or your future self. The message can take the form of a poem, short story, email, letter, text message, collage, comic—there are infinite options for this exercise.

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